VALENTINE’S INSPIRATION: Love Your Body – Easy Purification Tips

Heidi Zappone

Posted on February 09 2018

Contrary to popular belief, purifying the body doesn’t have to take on a radical approach that has you committed to two heavy duty colonics per day, swallowing mountains of pills and perpetually married to your bathroom.

Experience is wise. I’ve found that actions that are do-able, don’t feel like deprivation and are maybe even enjoyable - are by far the most powerful. It’s not what we do one time, it’s what we make a habit of that will make us healthy.

Here are the basics for re-balancing the body, gently purifying and replenishing. Think of it as loving your body rather than forcing a “purge”. As a general rule in life, love is always more powerful than force.

Here we go:


( I know, obvious. BUT the right water makes a difference.)

Use purified water, not bottled or tap water. Reverse osmosis filters (attach right under your kitchen sink) or a portable Berkey Water Filter (available on Amazon) work great. Tap and most bottled waters  are loaded with impurities including powerful hormone disruptors. Many sources of tap water in the US still contain hexavalent chromium. Yes, the well-known chemical made famous on the “Erin Brockovich” movie.

TIP: The Berkey Water Filter is a great item to have on hand for any type of emergency. It will filter almost any water to healthy, safe drinking water.

Add coconut water. Coconut water is a great source of electrolytes which will not only help hydrate cells, but encourage the transport of nutrients across membranes into the cells and toxins / impurities out of cells. No purification can be successful if nutrients / toxins can’t effectively move!


Mobilizing toxins (often stored in body fat) to the blood must be filtered and converted to water soluble by the liver. then removed - primarily by the colon. Adding cleansing nutrients often mobilizes toxins more rapidly. Binding the toxins in the gut prevents the re-circulation of toxic compounds back to the blood stream.

Here are a couple that I have used and work well: (One of these is usually enough. No need to combine these especially if used frequently since too much binder can cause constipation as well.)

* Fiber - a good quality, organically sourced fiber

* Activated Charcoal (use a high quality,  food grade charcoal, preferably made from coconut). Charcoal comes in capsules and powders. In this case, I would recommend capsules since powders can be messy and will stain. Take 2 - 3 capsules / day before bed (and in morning after eating if desired)

* Bentonite clay - Ask for a high quality / pure bentonite. Normal dose would be 1 tablespoon mixed in large glass of water at night before bed. (It’s a bit chalky, but doesn’t taste bad. :)

* Professional brand: Quick Silver Scientific - Ultrabinder - This one contains all three of the above. This one is a powder and the recommended dose is 1 teaspoon / day. I would recommend at night before bed.

All of the supplement recommendations, with the exception of the professional product (Quick Silver Ultrabinder) are easily available at Whole Foods Market or reputable supplement store.

**  I recommend cycling binders except fiber as they can lead to constipation if taken long term or if not consuming enough purified water.

** It’s important to take binders away from other supplements and medication, as they can reduce effectiveness if taken at the same time.


If I had to pick one category of foods that we lack on a daily basis and desperately need, it’s greens. Greens are loaded with fiber, minerals and  phytonutrients all of which are essential to the detoxification process as well as the repair /  rebuilding process of the body, including the immune system.

If adding greens has been a challenge for you, consider juicing greens or adding to a smoothie. Our Simple Daily Detox Juice is a great one. 

For smoothie lovers, try adding a large handful of spinach to almost any smoothie.

While it’ll look green, spinach often won’t change the taste of a smoothie as much as other greens.

These are simple ways to “love your body” by creating regular daily purification.  Doing simple things consistently helps us avoid having to engage in radical cleansing or having to deal with a health crisis later.    

With love,

Dr. Heidi Zappone


All of the recommended brands are generally easy to find and do not require a physician recommendation with the exception of professional brands. Professional brands/formulations are typically more potent/better absorbed but may need to be purchased through a holistic health practitioner.