Live Your Joy

Heidi Zappone

Posted on April 04 2018

I have been thinking this week about the beauty of Springtime. 

The wisdom nature itself holds, contrasted by my feelings of hurriedness, a rush to get things done and be successful in the various areas of my life. I began to notice the stress caused by my own sense of urgency. And despite my healthy diet, I have at times, felt a sense of being “unwell”. A sense that in my younger years I had overlooked as just a part of life or even full on fought as though something was seriously wrong.

I began to question whether this sensation is in fact healthy and my conclusion was a surprising… and resounding “yes!”.

Spring is a beautiful teacher. It is a time that we get to begin to see what we’ve planted and have been “nourishing” over the past few months. Just as a beautiful flower, if given the proper soil, sunshine and water, the sensation of joy will bloom for you in all of it’s magnificence, and so will your life if given the proper attention.

(pic - budding / blooming flowers)  - spring (horizontal pic)

The “unwell” that I was feeling is a simply a sensation, a “symptom” if you will. And yes it is healthy. They key is that it’s relatively short lived. And if the message is received, the body (just like nature) can manage short periods of even intense imbalance and stress, and it is a great messenger if we take just a moment to pause and notice. Awareness itself begins the process of change. Focussed intention and aligned action complete the process of creating health.

These signals or messages are the symptoms that we feel in our bodies and often visit our doctors for. Consider having gratitude for them. The symptom, whether it is pain, swelling, acne, depression, weight gain or anything else, is only that – a message. It’s the end result and the signal that something in your body and/or life needs your attention – and intention.

Much like the “check engine” light in a car. If this light went on, it would make sense that we would (shocking, I know…) check the engine! Most of us would not punch out the “check engine” light and consider the problem fixed.


But that is often what we do with our bodies when we focus solely on extinguishing the symptoms. We like nice packages of symptom-solution formulas, but my experience is that these often don’t have lasting results alone. We perpetuate dis-ease and are more unhappy.

Having a willingness to acknowledge and listen to our bodies, regardless of how inconvenient actually frees us. Having gratitude for the message and the wisdom to act with intention lessens our suffering, makes us the creator of our wellness and opens the door for JOY.

Just for fun and for those (like me) who appreciate the scientific side as well, here are just a few physical manifestations that living more joyfully and creatively can have on your health:

  • Healthy cortisol levels (Cortisol is stress hormone that when elevated promotes belly fat and, blood sugar imbalance and weight gain).
  • Heart disease may be cut in half. - Dr. Laura Kubansky, Harvard Edu.


  • Weight loss
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Decreased Pain
  • Turning off the bad genes! Yes, you can affect whether your genes express disease states or wellness. (The field of Epigenetics is the scientific study of how environment, nutrition and our choices affect our genetic expression. In recent years has shown us that we can be in control over what genetically our body expresses). That means if we have a genetic predisposition to heart disease or a certain cancer, we are not at the mercy of that disease, we have a say in whether the gene expresses itself.



What’s next?

1. First, get clear about what you care about.

Centering ourselves, our decisions and our actions around what we really, really, really, really, really… (get it yet?) care about, what “lights us up”, what inspires us and provides energy when things will inevitably become challenging. This clarity is critical anchor piece of the foundation we build wellness from.

Becoming clear about our own unique interests, curiosities and what we love (what we want to create) allows us to fully engage, in life and leads to a wellness plan that is unique, lasting and in alignment with who we are.

Surprisingly, it is not necessary to do it all “right” all the time. It’s about doing the right things at the right time, for the right amount of time… for YOU.

2. Take deliberate action.

No question this is a practice, but start by seeing what happens when you deliberately give your full attention to, make time for and taking any action around prioritizing the things you care about.


In light and love,
Dr. Heidi Zappone

Love your body, Live your joy, Own your life