How to Keep Leafy Greens From Wilting

Heidi Zappone

Posted on January 06 2018

This is the time of New Years resolutions and the post-holiday “exhale”.  It is also a common time for cleansing. If I were to guess, I’d say now is when the greatest amount of leafy greens make their way home to American kitchens. And maybe, just maybe we’re inspired to eat them!

The new year is a perfect time to replenish your body and re-encourage balance from holiday stress, sugars, alcohol and acidifying foods. Greens, in all forms are rich in minerals, effectively re-alkalizing the body - and are loaded with arrays of much needed phytonutrients.  Some, like cilantro are even efficient at binding and removing toxic heavy metals.

There is one thing that has always frustrated me, though. - That those beautiful fresh greens seem to go bad at an alarmingly fast pace the moment I purchase them. Seriously, I used to think I could see them wilt before my eyes on my trip home. - Not especially appetizing for anyone.

Here’s how to keep that from happening:

Treat your greens like cut flowers. Cut bottoms off greens and place in a glass jar or vase. Just change the water from time to time. (It’s best not to have leaves submerged in the water - just stems if possible.)

Greens stored this way will perk right up and last up to 2 full weeks longer - even if left out on the counter. I call this my “Chlorophyll Bouquet”. I have even placed small vases of cut herbs and greens on my desk in my home office. They smell lovely and are a sweet and purposeful alternative to cut flowers.

This tip will work for all leafy greens, from kale to parsley, even celery and cilantro. It is also a great way to prep greens ahead of time and have them ready to throw into a juicer or blender. The quicker and easier it is to do on a busy morning, the more likely it is you’ll do it consistently.


with love,

Dr. Heidi Zappone