Food for Thought: 26 Seconds...

Heidi Zappone

Posted on March 15 2018

...The time it takes for the chemicals from your personal care products to enter your bloodstream.

Recognizing that our "Food for Thought" fact can vary from chemical to chemical and under certain circumstances, the truth remains that regardless of variability we are highly susceptible to chemicals that we ingest and breathe, and absolutely what we apply and what comes in contact with our skin. Our skin delivers chemicals to our blood very efficiently - and can and will have a systemic effect -   as we know that many medications are delivered to our bloodstream via the skin1.

It's more than BPA water bottles.

Did you know that eating food after applying hand sanitizer or handling a printed receipt significantly increases the bio-active BPA in our bloodstream as well as our urine?   

From a 2014 peer reviewed journal: "... free BPA is applied to the outer layer of thermal receipt paper present in very high (~20mg BPA/g paper) quantities as a print developer. Not taken into account when considering thermal paper as a source of BPA exposure is that some commonly used hand sanitizers, as well as other skin care products, contain mixtures of dermal penetration enhancing chemicals that can increase by up to 100 fold the dermal absorption of lipophilic compounds such as BPA".2

Bottom line – we are often very aware of what we put in our mouths (good or bad) and how that impacts our wellness, but I have seen first hand in my over twenty three years in practice how the application of personal care products can affect our health, especially hormonal health.


1. Avoid all paper receipts if possible. Bonus: it saves a tree!

2. Use natural hand sanitizer if necessary – I like EO (Lavender) Organic Hand Sanitizer.

  • Also consider not over-sanitizing. It's good for us to be exposed to a little dirt and a few germs. Our immune systems are strengthened and we create some level of tolerance to our environment that way.

3. Begin to read your personal care labels as much as food labels. We'll dive deeper next month into exactly what to look for on personal care labels!

1Performance of transdermal therapeutic systems: Effects of biological factors

2Holding Thermal Receipt Paper and Eating Food after Using Hand Sanitizer Results in High Serum Bioactive and Urine Total Levels of Bisphenol A (BPA)

"The more we know, the better we do."

with love,
Dr. Heidi Zappone